“Let me know that I’m not crazy”

Pavel Turchaninov is an advocate for reform in Belarus. He lives in Minsk, where he works as a freelance translator for various NGOs and business customers, including the United Nations Development Programme. He studied Linguistics at Minsk State Linguistic University and Contemporary European Studies at the University of Sussex, UK.

This interview, conducted by Frank Burgdörfer, took place in association with the Citizens of Europe OpenFora, a group of debates among like-informed, not essentially like-minded, people about issues of contemporary life, business and politics in European societies, including external relations and global affairs.

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Diplom-Ökonom, Diplom-Politologe, MSc. in European Accounting and Finance Geschäftsführer bei polyspektiv, Vorstandsmitglied bei der EBD Wohnhaft in Berlin und in der Pfalz

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